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Claudia Hansen playing vibraphone at Sensing City performance by Levenmuster Collective at Club 11 in Amsterdam wind section of Levenmuster Collective playing Sensing City  at Club 11 in Amsterdam vibraphone played by Claudia Hansen from the Levenmuster Collective during the Sensing City performance Claudia Hansen Roland Hegel and Marco Rollmann playing vibraphone at the Sensing City performance guitar player Martyn Heine from the Levenmuster Collective playing Sensing City at Club 11 in Amsterdam Sensing City with Levenmuster Collective member Frederic Gmeiner at Club 11 in Amsterdam wind section and drummer Jens Ellerhold of Levenmuster Collective performing Sensing City piano player Martyn Heine artistic director of Levenmuster Collective playing Sensing City trumpet player Johannes Böhmer playing Sensing City by Levenmuster Collective Sensing City at Club 11 Amsterdam with drummer Jens Ellerhold from the Levenmuster Collective Levenmuster Collective playing music triggered by traffic during the Sensing City performance at Club 11 in Amsterdam


Music triggered by traffic

A city has its own rhythm that affects the life of its people and is at the same time created by them. Bus schedules, traffic lights, and the turn signals of cars are familiar patterns to the citizen. This interplay between creation and inspiration is also at the heart of all music. Making music means translating an impression into sound, listening to music means transforming sound into an impression.

dvd cover Sensing City by the Levenmuster Collective

So, what happens if we allow these urban rhythms to occasionally have a direct influence on the musical performance of an eleven-piece-ensemble?

As the movement of cars outside the concert venue triggers the rhythms that are being played, the urban dwellers not knowingly become part of the composition, the city becomes audible through the musicians. This process happens in real-time and is guided by the framework of a video-installation that surrounds the ensemble during the performance of sensing city.

Composition Martyn Heine, Martin Hiltawsky – Guitar & Kalimba Martyn Heine – Electric Bass & Double Bass Martin Hiltawsky – Recorder Jose Bode – Tenor Saxophone Joao Driessen, Bostjan Simon – Trumpet Johannes Böhmer, Marco Rollmann – Trombone Jos van den Heuvel, Daniel Follmann – Percussion Claudia Hansen, Roland Hegel – Drums Jens Ellerhold – Visual Concept Frederic Gmeiner



OT301 - DVD Release

Amsterdam, NL


Club 11

Amsterdam, NL


Sensing City