Claudia Hansen

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Claudia Hansen playing timpani in a percussion setup during the opera Medea directed by Lotte de Beer Claudia Hansen performing at Esprit de Curiosités a Music Theater performance at the Rhizomatic gallery in Amsterdam Noord percussion quartet DAMP with Claudia Hansen, Jérôme Klein, Dirk Kellen and Gilles Bropsom playing Martian Tribes for marimba by Emmanuel Séjourné at the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg Claudia Hansen performing a Music Theater piece at Esprit de Curiosités Claudia Hansen playing ukulele in the dunes at the beach black and white self-portrait of Claudia Hansen Claudia Hansen, Sarah Jeffery and Anthony Leigh Dunstan performing at Esprit de Curiosités Claudia Hansen, Sarah Jeffery and Anthony Leigh Dunstan performing with recorder and percussion at Esprit de Curiosités Claudia Hansen and Anthony Leigh Dunstan at Esprit de Curiosités Sarah Jeffery performing at Esprit de Curiosités Anthony Leigh Dunstan performing at Esprit de Curiosités Claudia Hansen playing percussion during the Veenproef concert Dementie en Dan by Veenfabriek Leiden


You’ll never know

Claudia is a Music Theater- and performance-making percussionist. Percussion is how she thinks, but voice, body, and visual ideas turn percussion into little stories. Sometimes solo, sometimes with larger collectives. From the day she performed Stuart S. Smith's 'Songs I-IX', she knew that Music Theater was her thing. She loves the tension between seeing and hearing. She loves to think conceptually. She loves the endless world of percussion and especially playing baroque timpani. She also fell in love with the ukulele, that small instrument that you can carry around no matter where you go. And she can never avoid imagining music in visual terms.

whimsical self-portrait of Claudia Hansen with Fisher Price toy xylophone

Eerie Days (2014-NOW)
Eerie Days is Claudia’s first full-length solo Music Theater work where silence, sound, light, motion photography, darkness, video animations, overwhelmingness, and emptiness reconstruct the state of medically induced coma – the dreams and feelings. Read more about Eerie Days

Ce qu'on vend dans les magasins (2012)
'Ce qu'on vend dans les magasins' is an absurdist a-cappella song for one performer and loop station based on a short story by the Russian writer Daniil Charms, written and performed by Claudia.

Vinden Beleggers Leuk (2012)
'Vinden Beleggers Leuk' is a short Music Theater performance based on Facebook’s upcoming debut on the stock market that is written, designed, and performed by Claudia.

John Cage - Solo No. 87 (2012)
'Solo No. 87' is a performance of one of the solos from John Cage's Song Books.

T.I.M.E. (2012-2014)
T.I.M.E. is the ensemble of the Music Theater department of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. A group of young performers from all kinds of different art backgrounds who worked together for two years and created several Music Theater performances. Read more about T.I.M.E.

Shawn And The Zebra (2009-2012)
Shawn and the Zebra, the brainchild of Claudia Hansen and Julia Oschewsky, is an experimental voice/percussion duo, which encompassed the common ground of music and movement theater. In combining these disciplines, they went on a continuous quest to explore the movement in the music and the music in the movement. Read more about Shawn and the Zebra.

Esprit De Curiosités (2011)
Esprit de Curiosités was a performance collaboration with Sarah Jeffery and Anthony Leigh Dunstan at the ‘Colour Blind’ exhibition by the visual designers Andreas Gerolemou and Putri Sadiqah at Rhizomatic gallery in Amsterdam-Noord. As Sarah said: it was a quasi-improvised Music Theater performance and an audience- and wall-inspired collaboration of expressive disciplines and conceptual aesthetics that pursued the fading art of dubiety.

Stuart Saunders Smith – Songs I-IX (2011)
‘Songs I-IX’ is a recorded performance of an iconic percussion repertoire piece.

Fleurville (2011)
Fleurville is a collective that, while never losing the focus on the beauty of old vocal repertoire, let the musical influences of modern days rearrange the music, and that, through physically and performing and visually staging the music, brought those harmonies and melodies to a new age. Read more about Fleurville.

Een Konijn van Porselein (2010)
Een Konijn van Porselein is a mime music theater performance for children written by Ad de Bont and Evrim Demirel for De Toneelmakerij in Amsterdam. The piece for three actors and three musicians toured around the Netherlands. Read more about Een Konijn van Porselein.

Agaya-Shi (2007)
Agaya-Shi is a multimedia project with a fusion of acoustic instruments, electronic music, and visual art that created a performance where the listener was plunged into a sphere of sound and vision from the beginning until the end. Read more about Agaya-Shi.


Ce qu'on vend dans les magasins