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backstage area in Berlin before a concert of the Bram Stadhouders Korps Bram Stadhouders Korps live in concert at the Muiderpoorttheater Amsterdam with visuals by Pierre Mansire Bram Stadhouders Korps live in concert at the Paradox Tilburg during Avventura Onno Govaert and David Hoogerheide of the Bram Stadhouders Korps backstage before a concert in Berlin Bram Stadhouders and Santiago Botero of the Bram Stadhouders Korps backstage before a concert in Berlin Percussion set up of Claudia Hansen for the Bram Stadhouders Korps at the Paradox Tilburg Poster for the Germany tour of the Bram Stadhouders Korps Claudia Hansen percussion setup on stage for the Bram Stadhouders Korps Bram Stadhouders Korps backstage at the studio during the cd recording Santiago Botero and Harry Cherrin of the Bram Stadhouders Korps backstage at the studio during the cd recording



This is technicolor cinema for the ears: sometimes the desert sand blows in your eyes, sometimes you get lost in an empty ghost town. Let the Bram Stadhouders Korps drag you into their private world.

Bram Stadhouders Korps press photo

The young guitarist and composer Bram Stadhouders is not afraid of adventure. Completely unconcerned with stylistic borders, he moves freely between jazz, pop, and ambient. For this new large band, Stadhouders has drawn a musical treasure map on which his five-piece Korps chooses a different path every time, without losing sight of the end goal. These sonic tableaus create a cinematic panorama, full of exciting cliffhangers and changes of atmosphere both subtle and violent.

"You make something very special", said drummer Jim Black already about Stadhouders' duo with Onno Govaert, and in 2008, Stadhouders was chosen as the most promising improviser in the Netherlands, touring the country on the most important Dutch concert halls as a "Young VIP". With his Korps he recently released the album "The Ship Comes", and the musical adventurer should be warned: Don't miss this boat!

Cd Cover Bram Stadhouders Korps The Ship Comes


Festival Utrecht BOFT!
The Bram Stadhouders Korps breaks with the established tone of the evening. Monotony is the last thing that comes to mind in the ecstatic performance of these young dogs from Tilburg. Bram Stadhouders has been known as an upcoming jazz talent for many years. Tonight, with the help of laptops, synths, saxophone, delirious drums and percussion, he takes his guitar playing to the next level. Boldly and convincingly, the group drags you from one extreme to the other without ever getting lost in an overwhelming mash of sound. Think about Pat Metheny leading a jam session with Jagga Jazzist and Squarepusher. A welcome change on this melancholic evening.
3voor12 (translated by Claudia Hansen)

November Music, Den Bosch
With the Bram Stadhouders Korps a whole regiment of talent is on stage. And does it need to be guided? I don’t think so. Let it go wild. However, what is happening on stage has been well thought out and the ideas are clear. The corps may have been named after Bram Stadhouders, but he is in principle just a pawn of the ensemble. Everyone has a prominent place in the sound spectrum. The Bram Stadhouders Korps is characterized by a cinematic sound. During certain passages, I was reminded of Tuxedomoon, without vocals but in a contemporary jacket. Most songs are subtly built with tickling string and/or electronic sounds. Quickly changing into massaging mood switches. The richly filled sound, with all kinds of wind, percussion, and synth additions, swells further and further. Especially the well-timed percussion accents of Onno Govaert give the music a threatening power. Yet it rarely gets explosive except for halfway through the concert in the noise track Future Vision. Adventurous highlights include Gravity Streams and Hello Sleeper. A nice introduction to a corps with potential.
Gonzo Circus (translated by Claudia Hansen)

November Music, Den Bosch
I was very impressed by the Bram Stadhouders Korps. As a duo with Onno Govaert, Bram is already great, but with this entire band behind him his music takes off! (translated by Claudia Hansen)

Guitar, Guitarsynth, Laptop & Vocals Bram Stadhouders – Saxophones & Flute Harry Cherrin – Keyboards David Hoogerheide – Double Bass & Electric Bass Santiago Botero – Percussion Claudia Hansen – Drums Onno Govaert




Berlin, D



Berlin, D


Horns Erben

Leipzig, D


Jazzdag Festival

@Onze Lieve Vrouw Theater

Amersfoort, NL


TryTone Festival


Amsterdam, NL


November Music


Den Bosch, NL


Club M (w/ Pierre Mansire)


Amsterdam, NL



Amsterdam, NL


Festival Utrecht BOFT

@Theater De Kikker

Utrecht, NL


Jazzfestival Breda

@ Hijent Heeft

Breda, NL



Amsterdam, NL


TryTone Festival


Amsterdam, NL




Tilburg, NL


Everything Vanishes Into The Sea

A Lost Cross In The Corner Of A Forgotten Chapel

The Center Of A Valley With Soft Rain

Gravity Streams

The Elementary Particles Of A Tear

Hello Sleeper

Why Look

Outside Of Surfaces

Future Vision

But Where Will You Go Now